Sean Devlin, DO

Dr. Devlin is a board certified family practice physician and is board eligible in emergency medicine (BCEM).  He is fellowship trained in neuromuscular medicine and anatomy and has extensive experience in pain management and functional medicine. Dr. Devlin is also trained as a homeopathic medical doctor and has been board certified since 2002.  Board certified in anti-aging medicine and regenerative medicine, he is also fellowship trained in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine. 

Dr Devlin has recently completed a fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapeutics. He  is an experienced IPTLD (Insulin Potentiated Therapy -- Low Dose High Frequency Chemotherapy) practitioner and received his IPT training and  certification in 2003. He is also a certified IPTLD instructor (since 2006) and has educated several clinicians and helped establish integrative cancer medical practices around the country. 

Dr. Devlin has traveled extensively abroad to study and evaluate unique and progressive cancer therapies and integrative medical techniques. Dr. Devlin’s broad knowledge base and open minded approach to the practice of medicine allows his patients to receive effective and individualized care.